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Don't feel so great today.

Woke up. Got some dress pants. Went grocery shopping. Girl at the checkout pointed at my The Cure "Boys Don't Cry" shirt and said she had the poster, next to a Sex Pistols one.

Want some hot tea very much.


May. 14th, 2010 06:44 pm
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An alternate, really awesome and different mix of "Lovesong" by The Cure, released on their new site , uploaded on YouTube by me, just for you. Definitely worth a listen.

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This is The Cure performing some pre-"A Forest" version of "A Forest" with totally different lyrics on French tv in 1979. Robert Smith is about twelve years old and wearing pink pants. Jump to about 1:20 to see the performance.

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Playing lots of We <3 Katamari, lately, neglecting my reading, unfortunately. I need to quit eating/napping/playing/sleeping/eating/playing/napping/playing/sleeping. Well, okay, i do a bit more than that, but that's the interesting bits... to me anyway.

Listening to the Cure a lot tonight. Helps me think. Makes me remember.

Remember... The first MP3's i downloaded in a fury of mass music collecting was the Cure. This was a long time ago. Years ago. This was before cd burners, or at least before they were easy to get. Many many years ago, back when i was the only person i knew of that knew what an MP3 was. (Some of you were probably in kindergarten then.) Anyway, i found a site that had all the rare b-sides you could only get on an odd tape or vinyl (like any of you remember THAT), lots of live stuff, rare versions of songs, and a couple of albums worth of covers. I downloaded all of them, and recorded them on tape (pre-CD-r, remember?). I listened to those tapes so many times i had them memorized. If i hear one of these song (and it's now possible to, since the Cure put out "Join The Dots", which i am listening to at the moment, and i still have those tapes), it reminds me of that time, and those songs, and those tapes, and the people.....

Remember... the people. These songs remind me of people... some in general, some specifically..... (Heh, example: "The Big Hand" just came on. Reminds me of someone. Tada.) Thinking about it, it seems to me that most, if not all people, who i've been closest to in my life like the Cure. Sure, lots of people like the Cure. Lots don't. But the ones who mean(t) something to me like(d) the Cure. Maybe that means something. Maybe that's what i should start looking for in people.

Maybe i should put out an ad, goes something like this: "Humans Wanted: must like The Cure. All others need not apply." Simple. Probably would be very effective. For what, i don't know; gathering people i can stand, probably. We could all move to an island somewhere and stay away from the other people. Would be nice. I'm up for it. Who else wants to join us?


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