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Watch this. Now. All of it. Then thank me.

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Nevermind that this is an ad for Gamestop, it made me lol. A lot.

(And if you don't get the joke... well... ))

I really need an icon for lolling.

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I got tired of not being able to ever post this song, so i uploaded it to YouTube myself. Just for you.

I love this song. You should listen to it.


May. 27th, 2010 04:06 pm
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How To Destory Angels is the new project of Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, his wife Mariqueen Maandig, and Atticus Ross (12 Rounds). Rob Sheridan is the group's art director. Click here to "pre-order" the free EP.


May. 14th, 2010 06:44 pm
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An alternate, really awesome and different mix of "Lovesong" by The Cure, released on their new site , uploaded on YouTube by me, just for you. Definitely worth a listen.


Apr. 8th, 2010 11:51 am
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When i hear this...

...i always think of this.

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This is The Cure performing some pre-"A Forest" version of "A Forest" with totally different lyrics on French tv in 1979. Robert Smith is about twelve years old and wearing pink pants. Jump to about 1:20 to see the performance.

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Whoa, this is an interesting version of this song.

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Have some Action Action ("Let's Never Go To Sleep"). You need it.

I love Action Action. Thanks to Darla for introducing me to them a few years ago. <3

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I love this song so so so much: Shiina Ringo x Saito Neko, "Yokushitsu".

Lyrics: )

The video is awesome, too.

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If you watch just one YouTube video today, let it be this one. You won't be disappointed. BEST. SONG. EVER.

I realize it's an ad for a Popcap game, but it is so effing awesome. You can download the song here, there's even a Japanese version.

This is probably the second game i'll play based solely on liking a song that's in it.

God, sometimes the internet makes me so happy.

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This is Santigold (formerly Santogold) performing "Shove It (feat. Spank Rock)" on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" on March 3, 2009 (about fifty minutes ago).

You're welcome.

Sing It!

Nov. 14th, 2008 03:35 pm
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I love WoW sometimes.

Oh, Death Knights are pretty awesome, too.

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Have some Santogold.

"Lights Out".


She's so win.

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I woke up earlier than i should have. I went to bed early, but i didn't sleep long enough. So i made breakfast... Sort of.

Breakfast consists of: apple/grape/grapefruit/orange/pineapple juice, saltine crackers, a blueberry bagel with homemade quince jelly on it, and hot tea. Just thought i'd share.

There's something about J-pop artists doing Cyndi Lauper covers that makes me wiggle. Especially when Chara sings "Time After Time", 土岐麻子 8-bits up "The Goonies 'R' Good Enough" and reminds me of the old Goonies video games, and when 元ちとせ enka's the crap out of "True Colors". It's so squishy. I love it. (And 北出菜奈 definitely knows what "She Bop" is about.)

Speaking of love: I'm waiting for someone to wake up. <3 Until then, it's probably WoW to occupy myself. maybe some Prey, or Marvel Ultimate Alliance, too.

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I cant stop listening to Santogold's album. It'a all i've listened to for days.

"You'll Find a Way"


And this should amuse Aeri:

"I'm A Lady"


"L.E.S Artistes"

Now back to your regularly-scheduled sureys.

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I added a buttload of music to my playlist today:

Six Switchblade Symphony albums, one Boy George/Culture Club, four Cranes, three Depeche Mode, three Pop Will Eat Itself, one Bauhaus, and fourteen Buck-Tick. Very win.

Except for the Buck-Tick, and three live Cranes performances, it was all stuff i ripped myself. A lot of it is stuff i've meant to have on my playlist since i had a playlist, but never bothered, or was a bit burnt out on. Now it's where it should be.

Late entry: A Tears For Fears album. XD

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I'm sorry, Aeri, i haven't gone to bed yet. Soon, though.

Been a while, huh? This will be incoherent and nonchronological.

Talking to Aeri quite a bit lately. That makes me happy beyond words. And speaking of, i'm relearning the power words have. -s-

Had/have been having a bit of a panicky time of things. I get paranoid about certain people. Why they're there Now, and may be very distant Later. I wonder if it's personal, if they found something better to do, if it is just the simple explanation of being busy, etc. But it becomes hard for me when that's not communicated *to* me. I feel a bit abandoned. It sounds worse than i acutally feel, but it's a smallish, anxious thing i deal with. I *understand*, but i can't quite relax unless i'm reassured, "no, i haven't fogotten you".

So, filling that void is books and games. I had beaten .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce, but found a billion things to do afterwards (mostly gathering items, gaining prizes, finishing up a few things, maxing out levels, etc.). I still had some of my favortie events happen after the game was "finished" (Pi's measurements! Age! Real name!). I'd been reading a novel (".hack//AI Buster") and finished it one morning, and in the game that evening, the monster that became a focal point of the entire novel appeared in the game. I was so happy that i read the book, and finished it before that, otherwise it wouldn't have been so cool.

But then, the game was pretty much over. And i found myself facing Lots Of Time On My Hands. Sometimes i have things to do, people to talk to... Sometimes those things dry up, people get busy. understandable. But me, with no one to talk to, and nothing UltraExciting to occupy myself with = that anxiousness i mentioned before. So i was kinda dreading the prospect of getting done with that game, and for various reasons, not being able to get the next one for a week or two.

Luckily i got some books from the library. Dragon Ball Volume 5, Tenchi Muyo!: Sasami Stories, so super cute, with a bunch of 4-panel manga at the end, and .hack//Legend Of The Twilight, the manga that follows after the novel, and takes place in the same universe as the games i'm talking about, just earlier in time. I love manga, and i read a lot, but these books are so good i really look forward to reading them, rather than simply having something cool to read if i have nothing else to do.

(Told you this was going to be all over the place.)

SO. Brings me to today. Had errands to run, trip to the bank, trip to the store, blah blah. Get up after like no sleep, run to Wal-Mart. Grab some soda, some candy (OMG STRAWBERRY WHOPPERS?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! YOU ARE HEREBY APPOINTED A NON-SPECIFIC SLOT IN THE LIST OF TOP FOUR BEST CANDIES EVER! KTHX!), a fresh sketchbook which seems to be waiting to be filled with a few ideas i already have, 100 blank dvds (don't have to worry about hard drive space for a while), and HOLY CRAP WTF Wal-Mart has .hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption?! And it costs the same as it would online, with shipping?! :O :O ::Buys.:: No waiting for new debit card to arrive in the mail, no waiting for ordering and shipping. No two-to-three weeks without a game i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to play all the time. I HAD IT IN MY HANDS (well, after waiting half an hour to find someone who could let it out of the case -.-;). Game is mine. Now you gotta see me type out ".hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption" a million times, instead of ".hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce".

Was so excited to find the game, that i forgot to look for/at a few things, but oh well. Went to the bank. Came home. Finished a few things in .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce, FLIPPED OUT, and played .hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption, talked to Aeri, YAY, and OMG DARLA FROM JAPAN I'M SO JEALOUS. SO yeah, Darla's there, and she can get online, so, awesome, and it sounds like she really loves it. So, win. Oh, and then i talked to Aeri some more, and played .hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption some more, and got the really risque/dirtyish/don't-let-your-mom-see desktop picture of Pi that Darla had told me about. I left it on my TV. It's on there right now. Pi is awesome. Also: very large in the chestal region (as you can see in my icon).

And i suppose that gets us up to now, in which i am sleepy, and hungry-but-can't-be-botered-to-eat, and making a post instead of going to sleep.

We have weather. 75 yesterday, 18 tomorrow, straight drop from one to the other over three days. Ice. Snow. Thunder. Win.

And now i'll post this and sleep. I hope.

ALSO: P.S. nine inch nails released a new 36-song instrumental album out of nowhere last night. Go download it. It's what Trent wants.

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So the last few days... What have i been up to? Sleeping almost too much... A change from before when i couldn't sleep at all. I guess my body is trying to catch up. I've been helping Ashe with one of her animations. Had a horrible dream yesterday about some rival wizards who ate a member of their own group, who was part sea turtle, and left his carcass shackled up in a bathroom, covered in greasy spider webs, where i discovered it while using some remote scrying technique. Watched some movies on and off. An old friend i haven't talked to in years found me on MySpace. Made some money. Played "Uncharted Waters: New Horizons". Filled out some surveys. Find out my views on God, celebrities, the evils of plastic surgery, my favorite video game characters, and such. )

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Recently Addicted To:

-"Record Of Lodoss War" for Dreamcast. (It's basically Diablo on the Dreamcast - with a lot more customization (adding attributes to, naming, and even changing the color of weapons and armor) - based on an anime.)

-Fried bologna sandwiches, with onions, on sun-dried tomato/basil bread, dipped in ranch dressing. So good.

-Mini blueberry bagels dipped in butter and homemade blackberry jelly.

So, yesterday i wake up with a song in my head, "Kiss Me Sunlights", by Heart Of Air, from the soundtrack to a PS2 game called "Zone Of The Enders". Someone randomly (and i do mean randomly) sent me this song a couple of years ago. I like it a lot, it's one of my favorite songs. I often refer to it as the prettiest song ever. So i fire up my playlist and listen to it... for like two hours straight. I go to get the lyrics, because i wanted to post them in an entry here. On the lyrics site is a YouTube video of the opening of the game...

Back to a few days ago, my sister asks me what i want for Christmas. Playing Tetris with money (ie buying as much as possible with what little money is available) is something we're used to, so i just flat out ask, "how much did you plan on spending?" Okay, so i know what i have to work with. I figure i'll get a couple of games off of eBay, like i usually do. But i can't think of any i want.

Up a couple of more days: In my sleep i realize, hey, i've kinda wanted .hack//G.U. Vol. 1 Rebirth, since i watched the anime .hack//Roots, which is a direct prequel to the .hack//G.U. series, and want to know what happens next. (MUST. SAVE. SHINO.) So i figure i'll check out how much it costs on eBay.

Back to yesterday: Having checked prices, i know, generally how much .hack//G.U. Vol. 1 Rebirth (type that five times fast, i'm copying and pasting now) costs. So, listening to "Kiss Me Sunlights" over and over, and seeing the intro video, and the pretty music that's in it after "Kiss Me Sunlights", i suddenly want the game. No, NEED the game. I eBay it. ELEVEN DOLLARS WITH SHIPPING. ENDS IN SEVEN HOURS. SELLER WITH HUGE FEEDBACK. :O So i IM my sister. "GAME! WANT! ENDS SOON! XMAS GET!" She IMs me back, she's about to go somwhere, so she tells me just order it so the auction doesn't end before she gets back in.

So i did. :D

I bought a game solely for one song. But i hear the game is good, so, hey, bonus. But it was like the game was just sitting there, waiting for me, and the song was in my head telling me "GET ME, PLZ ::kitten eyes:: I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER". For an eleven dollar portion of my Christmas presents, just to see the intro with the song in it, it's worth it. Also there's a game attached. So yeah. Woot.

Also, i told my sister about .hack//G.U. Vol. 1 Rebirth. A few minutes later, she told me she has all of her Christmas shopping done. I suppose that means i'm getting it, too. XD Darla will be happy. She loves the .hack games, and especially G.U., and has been urging me to get and play this game for a while.

Speaking of Darla, she called yesterday, all excited about getting to move to Japan. I'm so jealous. She'll be there fo three years. I want her to take me with her. ;_; She promises to send me lots of things though. That's cool, too.

So, yay, barring sucky eBay sellers, and problems with mail, and acts of God, i'ma have Christmas stuff. Now i'm finally looking forward to December 25th.

By the way, here's the intro to "Zone Of The Enders" that made me want the game, so you can hear the song i love. It's the music at the beginning, before the start screen (though the addition of the start screen music made me really *need* the game).

I think i'm gonna go watch some Dragonauts. I already played Record Of Lodoss War for like three hours today.


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