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I made a bit of a video to promote my artwork. Please watch it, comment, etc. Thank you.

As always. more can be seen at:

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After years of going ignored, i updated my website:

It's mostly a design update, but there are a few new things here and there. Hopefully now that i like how it looks, i'll work on it now and then.

Here's what it looks like, now:

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After a decade on the web, my website finally has a real url. is live. ...With a minor update, too.


Mar. 27th, 2008 11:17 am
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So. I think it's been a while since i made a post. Or it feels like it has been.

Been mostly concentrating on spending time talking with a couple of friends, which happily and pleasantly, takes up most of my time. Have had contact with someone i hadn't talked to in quite a long time, and that was nice, too. Also, lots of video-game playing.

Also: I've been spending money. ;_; Paid to register a program i use a lot, paid for a membership to a website, ordered a usb controller to replace the adapter thingy that i suspect is broken, got a membership to an online game rental place, and a big PS2 memory card to go with it. Also ordered .hack//Infection, the first in the previous .hack series that came before G.U. Dunno if it'll be as good as G.U. since it's older, but it was cheap, and worth a shot. Also paid for, which doesn't link to anything yet. I'm told it takes some time for the forwarding/nameservers crap to get working, but i'm not entirely convinced that i didn't do it wrong.

Oh, also ordered some snacks from Japan, the highlights being Wasabi Doritos, some red miso soup, the three flavors of Kit Kat i've always wanted to try (green tea, sakura, and strawberry), coffee candies, green tea mints, and some key lime-flavored gum. Mmmm.

Game rental: Ordered some games before i remembered all the good stuff i want to play. Got Bully and God of War II first. Bully didn't seem scratched, but it wouldn't play. Opening cut scenes skipped, and once i finally got to gameplay, it'd crash within a minute, saying the disc wasn't in. I'm not sure i like the God of War series, but the story is interesting enough, and it's pretty, and it has some "oh s**t" moments that make it worth playing. I suck at them, but like Jet Grind Radio, i sucked just little enough that after a few tries in hard spots, i actually make progress, and that eggs me on.

Most recently: Just playing God of War II, talking to Aeri like whoa, sitting up with Ashe all night, working on con badges, and becoming obsessed with huge mugs of hot tea with various things in it (various combinations of honey, vanilla, almond, and lemon, but i think i may have a cup of mint in a bit... or lemon/almond).

I wonder if i had more to say, but i don't think i do. Maybe i'll play some God of War II.

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Fifth Dream Today exists again, in a semi-updated form.

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Kind of productive tonight. Started some laundry, updated my website with some links to English-language blogs about Japan, and the gallery with this image i just finished:

Larger. )

Now i'm gonna have a burrito with sweet and sour sauce, put my laundry in the drier, read some stuff, and burn a few discs before Evangelion.


Jan. 31st, 2006 08:03 pm
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Monthly color change.

I thought i'd have a couple of things to talk about today, but one didn't happen, and one is postponed. Maybe tomorrow.

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Gave my site its monthly makeover.

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I gave my site a makeover just in time for Chr... er, Sunday.


Nov. 2nd, 2005 06:33 pm
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Heh, i was just on TV again... Well, my voice, anyway.

It was G4's Attack of the Show. The guy they send in to their chat room to take questions for the show was asking for callers who could identify classic arcade games by listening to the music. I wasn't going to bother calling at first, but i did at the last minute, and the guy on the phone sounded relieved, because the other callers were really young, and he said i "already sound better than the other two callers", so i got in.

It was right at the beginning of the show. The hosts said hi, played the music (the first one was easy, "Donkey Kong". I couldn't guess the second one until host Kevin Pereria gave me a clue, and then i got it: "Burgertime"). And that was it.

I won this: In Living Color - Season 4 Haha, yeah. Odd, random prize, but hey, it's free.

Anyway, the show repeats on G4TV a couple of times tonight and in the morning, if you would want to see it for some reason.

Oh, and my site got a little update recently; a color change, and the audio files restored to the Sifl & Olly section.

Roses: 675k+.

Candy Corn.

Oct. 6th, 2005 05:48 am
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In honor of the upcoming celebration, i recolored my site.

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After years and years of leaving it to rot, i finally completely overhauled my website. It looks better, has most of the embarrassing content removed, should be relatively typo-free, and has working links. Amazing. It's going to be more of a personal site now than a fansite as it was in the past. I hope to actually keep it somewhat updated when i find things to add.

I also added the story-in-progress i've been posting here, some new links, new bio info, and such. Go check it out, give me some hits, and let me know what you think (or if you see any glaring screwups, or want a link to your site or anything).

And yes, i know, AOL, blah blah. If you have any better suggestions of where i can get it hosted that's stable and free, i'm all ears. ;P


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