Feb. 17th, 2006 09:58 am
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This is so cool. Katamari Flash Damacy. Have fun.

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Tablet practice:

Na naaa, na na na nana na na. )

Fanart for Catsy. )

Okay, back to work.

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These are so awesome:

My sister says she is going to try to make some. Rock.
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We are so pleased. )


Nov. 2nd, 2005 06:33 pm
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Heh, i was just on TV again... Well, my voice, anyway.

It was G4's Attack of the Show. The guy they send in to their chat room to take questions for the show was asking for callers who could identify classic arcade games by listening to the music. I wasn't going to bother calling at first, but i did at the last minute, and the guy on the phone sounded relieved, because the other callers were really young, and he said i "already sound better than the other two callers", so i got in.

It was right at the beginning of the show. The hosts said hi, played the music (the first one was easy, "Donkey Kong". I couldn't guess the second one until host Kevin Pereria gave me a clue, and then i got it: "Burgertime"). And that was it.

I won this: In Living Color - Season 4 Haha, yeah. Odd, random prize, but hey, it's free.

Anyway, the show repeats on G4TV a couple of times tonight and in the morning, if you would want to see it for some reason.

Oh, and my site got a little update recently; a color change, and the audio files restored to the Sifl & Olly section.

Roses: 675k+.

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Not much going on, still. Slightly depressed/bored/winter blues'ed/whatever. But i have some cool things to post about...

First:,3605,1605806,00.html. Mice sing. They do. Scientists just discovered this, but if you're friends with any rodents, you've probably suspected this, the way they'll sit and look at you with their jaws going 90 miles a minute... Anyway, the article has MP3's of the mice singing, slowed down or otherwise altered so we can hear it. So awesome.

Speaking of singing: If you like Katamari Damacy, or even if you don't, there's this website for a guy on the We Love Katamari soundtrack you should check out. His name is Dokaka, and he beatboxes. He does covers, and takes requests. He did "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana, and there's an MP3 of it and a bunch of others (covers and originals) on his site. Very cool, funny stuff.

Speaking of We Love Katamari: I have 629,302 roses. Only around 400,000 to go.....

Time to go read.....

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I got Neil Gaiman's brand-new book "Anansi Boys" from the library. Can't wait to read it.

I have a metric butt ton of sweet potatoes, and giant cans of apricots. Yum.

And i've done this. )

EDIT: My sister picked up "Tenchi Muyo!", "Tenchi Universe", and "Gate Keepers" DVDs, 3 or 4 episodes on each DVD, in both Japanese and English, with extras, for $3 a piece. This added to the like twenty $1 "Yu Yu Hakusho" videos she's got, and i've got tons of anime i can borrow from her to watch. Nice. Inexpensive anime is awesome, especially quality stuff, like Tenchi.

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It's Automatic. )

And, as you can see in the pic, i got the Iron Chef book. It's awesome.

Two Fridays ago, i won a free month of GameFly (a video game rental service), from Scot Rubin's radio show on The first games i decided to get were God of War and Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2. I figure i'll play Digital Devil Saga 2 the whole month, and hopefully beat God of War and subsequent games quick enough to swap out a couple more during my free time. (I want Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks; my sister is trying to get me to get Rumble Roses because she wants to play it. Go figure.) Pretty cool.

Now i think i'll go bake a butternut squash.

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Namco has posted a We Love Katamari Destop Buddy at The Prince will now roll around on your desktop!

Lookie! )

You have to sign up to download it, but they just want an email address. Totally worth it.

We are pleased.


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