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Nevermind that this is an ad for Gamestop, it made me lol. A lot.

(And if you don't get the joke... well... ))

I really need an icon for lolling.

Tweet This.

Jun. 9th, 2009 08:36 am
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Thank you Jon Stewart and Daily Show. Nice bit bitching about CNN and Twitter, etc., like i did (and here, but that's friends-only). Skip to 3:27. ::bow::

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I'm watching the spelling bee on tv. XD

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Haven't had much to say that i think the general public would really be interested in, but i have a few things i can babble about, so here goes...

Recently: I caught up on six months of Pokemon episodes i hadn't watched. I can't use a DVR. I can't. I record things, and can't discipline myself to actually watch them. So i had all these episodes saved, but unwatched. Well Cartoon Network ran a marathon for about 14 hours on President's Day, and i watched all the episodes i hadn't got to yet. ("Gotta Watch 'Em All"?) Cartoon Network and i did the exact same thing six months or so ago: Lazy me DVRs but doesn't watch, CN has a marathon, i catch up. Win.

I got my Death Knight to level 80 in World Of Warcraft. Never thought i'd do that. Thing is, she's not fun now. I can't bring myself to quest if all i get is a bit of gold or rep from it, and i don't PVP or do raids or whatever. I solo, or play with my woman, but i'm not about to have a 14 year old kid yelling at me because i haven't memorized how to run a 25man raid with my eyes closed. Having a "role" and spending all your time grinding for equipment in order to fulfil your "duties" as a ____ (select one)

A) Healer
B) Tank
D) Kid Who Spends All His Time Playing WoW

is *work*. Plain and simple. I'm paying to play. You're not paying me. I'm here to have fun, not sit and say "Sir, yes sir" to a kid organizing a raid. Nope. Not happening. So there it is, level 80, and not much to do.

She's still useful. I auction things with her. I could farm for things to sell. I'm raising her engineering, and now she can make fireworks that i can pass out to all my characters, which i love to use in the game for some reason. So she's still around, but i'm back to my level 65... 66! hunter. I learned a lot on my DK that's changing how i play her, and it's still fun, but i'm still a bit bummed about having to kinda lay off my DK, and about how the same may happen with my hunter in a while, but we'll see.

Had an awesome Valentine's Day/Weekend. Thanks, Babydoll.

Did some other, very wonderful, things that i'm not going to talk about here right now. Maybe someday.

Right Now: Listening to music, drinking tea and eating soup.

Soon: Play a little WoW, watch Daily Show and Colbert Report, and probably "The Incredible Hulk" after that. I've taken to watching movies i never would have paid for in theaters due to having no idea if they were worth the eight bucks it cost to see them (or BECAUSE i had an if they were), and usually i drag the girl into watching with me. ("Doomsday" wasn't... horrible. AvP 2 was passable. Watched "Zach and Miri" [her idea] on Valentine's Day, and it was good... Still have "30 Days Of Night"...) But i'm not gonna bug her with "...Hulk". I dunno if she cares about the dumb movies i pick. ;P It's rainy, and she's asleep, i got my chores done, and i'm kinda burned out on gaming tonight, so i'll have a quiet night watching a movie and taking it easy.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]The Sifl & Olly Show. I think the world may finally be ready for the genius.

Also: FarScape. Forget that movie. End the series properly. Or better yet, don't end it at all.

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Not much to talk about other than all the games i've been playing lately. Got back into Final Fantasy XII the other day, which i hadn't played for a while, when i suddenly got on a kick and decided to install The Sims again, which i hadn't played since i lived in North Carolina. i got obsessed with that for a couple of days (tracking down, downloading, and setting up a lot of the stuff i used to have, then finally actually *playing*), then the Mortal Kombat: Armageddon that i ordered for my birthday arrived, and i played it a ton. Today the Soul Calibur III that i ordered for my birthday arrived. I'd rented it before, and had created characters that i wanted to play again. Since i could get it cheap now, i did. i forgot that you could create way more than three characters. Bonus. I didn't want to delete my cool characters to make more.

Oh, also i got Bejeweled Deluxe free from PopCap. Hah, nice. It's usually $15, but they gave it away for Mother's Day if you signed up for their mailing list, which i did, just to get the game. ;P

Unrelated note: What's this crap on Heroes about trying to "save the world"? They're trying to save new York City, right? Has Sylar expressed any interest in the "world"? If so, i wasn't payting attention.

And i'm suddenly really sleepy, and have a bit of a headache. I think it's time for bed.


Oct. 30th, 2006 11:12 am
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I cooked a bunch tonight (onion soup, some pork and onions on rice, biscuits, etc.), and carved a couple of Halloween pumpkins. I also watched a bunch of shows about vampires and zombies on the History Channel... and Adult Swim...

Now i present to you: Monkey Farmer Rescue Team!

(Yes, i realize he's not a monkey, but "Ape Farmer Rescue Team" isn't as catchy.)

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It's been a while. Didn't really plan on posting tonight, either, but... ::shrug::.

Heroes officially became one of my favorite shows Monday. It's so good.

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's latest, and quickly. I'll lie down to read, and before i know it, i'm though a huge chunk of it. It's called "Fragile Things". Read it.

I've been collecting a bunch more anime series. Not that i watch what i already have, but i want to get to it someday.

I've been sleeping a bit too much, but the cool weather makes it too easy. And it's been raining all night tonight, which makes me immensely happy. Well, as immensely happy as i can get considering...

...I've been kinda down lately. I can't quite put my finger on it. I suppose i'm a bit lonely, or i'm just getting a bit wintry. Whatever it is, i haven't felt like doing much but reading, listening to music, or watching a little tv or anime, and sleeping. At least i'm still studying my Japanese, too.

I'd thought i had more to say after almost two weeks of not posting, but maybe that's why i don't post so much anymore. Surveys don't really count, and i've grown bored of them, anyway. Which brings me to this:

[Poll #853551]

I'm not making this poll because i'm getting all emo or anything. I'm just curious. Please take a second to fill it out. No one will see your answer but me.

Time to get back to drawing. And singing too loudly.

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I'm sick. Whee. Feverish, chills, seriously achey, short of breath, can't lie down for a second without falling asleep (like last night, got in bed at like 1am, and just woke up a few minutes ago; i didn't intend to sleep at all, at least not then)... Don't feel like doing anything at all, including eating. I'd like to watch some anime or read some manga, since i can't do much else, but i think i'd fall asleep. Maybe i'll just go back to bed soon. Tylenol is my friend.

Speaking of anime and manga: i started watching the Psychic Academy anime, since i'm reading the manga. The anime has even more fanservice than the manga. Mew is my favorite. <3

"Heroes" was really good, and if it ends up being like it looks it will (awkward sentence), it should be excellent. Hiro is great. All the scenes with him were hilarious. And i never thought i'd hear the words "manga", "baka", "hentai", and people yelling "Yatta!" on prime time network television.


Sep. 9th, 2006 06:53 pm
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I got a free, legit copy of Poser 5, wich is a 3-D modelling program. I can use it to screw around with anatomy and such, and pose figures to help me draw. Kinda awesome.

Library gave me that Psychic Academy volume 4 i needed, so i can read it, and volumes 5 and 6, which i already have. But it took back Fruits Basket 2 and 3, since someone else had them on hold. I'll have to re-order those soon.

Lots of TV to watch tonight, almost all of it anime: An hour of the new season of Pokemon, a Pokemon special, Fantastic Four (not sure i like it, yet), Naruto, Bobobo... Trinity Blood and Bleach start tonight... and Eureka 7.

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TV Night! All-anime! All new! All in a row! (Al most!)

-IGPX (Pretty decent show.)
-Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo (Shh, it's kinda funny.)
-FullMetal Alchemist (Always good, but it's now getting to be one of my very favorites.)
-Samurai Champloo (New finally!)
-(one show i won't watch)
-Ghost In The Shell (So awesome; I need my Motoko fix. I realized how much i liked and missed this show the last couple of weeks.)
-S-CRY-Ed (i don't pay much attention to it, but if it's new, i'll leave it on.)
-Neon Genesis Evangelion (Saw it, but i watch the repeat, too.)

That's four hours of new anime, over half being shows i really love, with only one half-hour interruption. This makes me happy. I suppose i'll also tape SNL and watch it sometime, and i have a kung fu movie i taped earlier today to watch, too (and Pokemon. Shh. I've been watching it this long, i have to watch the rest, like i did with the DragonBall series... -.-;)

I guess while "Batman" (the 1989 movie, and still the best one) is on, i'll eat and burn some discs and get some stuff off of this computer with my brand new CD-RW/DVD rom drive. :D

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Quick thing: Last night i flipped on the TV to catch the last few seconds of a commercial or infomercial for some exercise equipment. I immediately recognized the music that was playing, but it took me a few seconds to remember what it was: the theme song to the old '80's He-Man cartoon..... o.O Meh?

Why? Why the He-Man song? I mean, i can understand, i guess - He-Man... exercise... - But, you know... I need to see this whole commercial to see if the song is all through it or if it really has anything to do with He-Man, like it's mentioned in the commercial or something. Very strange.

EDIT 071120050430pm: I saw the whole ad last night. Apparently it's an ad for He-Man DVDs, with some "sponsored by some exercise equipment" thing at the end. Why an ad has to be supported by yet another ad is beyond me, but there it is. Mystery (semi-)solved.....

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Holy cripes, Big Brother 6 starts tonight? If i hadn't, completely by chance, been walking by the TV at the exact second they happened to be talking about it for three seconds on the local news, i wouldn't have had any idea it was on.

...And why are the icons on my list in a different order? Ones that start with capital letters go before ones that start with lower-case letters now?


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