Mar. 30th, 2010 05:53 pm
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Effing. AMAZING.

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"G.I. Joe" is another case of Hollywood's unquenchable thirst for Changing Things For No Reason At All. I don't know wy they do it. I assume it's to make things they think "regular people" (i.e. people who don't know the source material) will think are hokey not so hokey. G.I. Joe was like, the ONE thing that didn't need changed. Pretty much every character in G.I. Joe is wearing plain old military gear, or even street clothes. If Star Wars and Star Trek are well-loved, and not hokey, then G.I. Joe most certainly wouldn't be hokey. BUT i *expected* this movie to be full of visual changes. The commercials make it obvious. I accept that nothing can be left alone in Hollywood, and all heroes must wear black plastic clothing.

But why the hell did they SPOILER )


Jul. 1st, 2009 05:41 pm
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Hah, this is awesome. And probably NSFW.

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"Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" is a terrible, terrible movie.

Spoilers follow, obviously: )


May. 27th, 2009 06:03 pm
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"Blood: The Last Vampire" live-action movie, the first five-and-a-half minutes. It's in English, don't worry. It's also violent and has cursing, so don't watch it at work.

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To Hollywood, Re. "Watchmen": Now *THAT* is how you make a dark superhero movie without forcing everyone to wear black leather/plastic. I expect you to do it right from now on.

Very Sincerely,

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Haven't had much to say that i think the general public would really be interested in, but i have a few things i can babble about, so here goes...

Recently: I caught up on six months of Pokemon episodes i hadn't watched. I can't use a DVR. I can't. I record things, and can't discipline myself to actually watch them. So i had all these episodes saved, but unwatched. Well Cartoon Network ran a marathon for about 14 hours on President's Day, and i watched all the episodes i hadn't got to yet. ("Gotta Watch 'Em All"?) Cartoon Network and i did the exact same thing six months or so ago: Lazy me DVRs but doesn't watch, CN has a marathon, i catch up. Win.

I got my Death Knight to level 80 in World Of Warcraft. Never thought i'd do that. Thing is, she's not fun now. I can't bring myself to quest if all i get is a bit of gold or rep from it, and i don't PVP or do raids or whatever. I solo, or play with my woman, but i'm not about to have a 14 year old kid yelling at me because i haven't memorized how to run a 25man raid with my eyes closed. Having a "role" and spending all your time grinding for equipment in order to fulfil your "duties" as a ____ (select one)

A) Healer
B) Tank
D) Kid Who Spends All His Time Playing WoW

is *work*. Plain and simple. I'm paying to play. You're not paying me. I'm here to have fun, not sit and say "Sir, yes sir" to a kid organizing a raid. Nope. Not happening. So there it is, level 80, and not much to do.

She's still useful. I auction things with her. I could farm for things to sell. I'm raising her engineering, and now she can make fireworks that i can pass out to all my characters, which i love to use in the game for some reason. So she's still around, but i'm back to my level 65... 66! hunter. I learned a lot on my DK that's changing how i play her, and it's still fun, but i'm still a bit bummed about having to kinda lay off my DK, and about how the same may happen with my hunter in a while, but we'll see.

Had an awesome Valentine's Day/Weekend. Thanks, Babydoll.

Did some other, very wonderful, things that i'm not going to talk about here right now. Maybe someday.

Right Now: Listening to music, drinking tea and eating soup.

Soon: Play a little WoW, watch Daily Show and Colbert Report, and probably "The Incredible Hulk" after that. I've taken to watching movies i never would have paid for in theaters due to having no idea if they were worth the eight bucks it cost to see them (or BECAUSE i had an if they were), and usually i drag the girl into watching with me. ("Doomsday" wasn't... horrible. AvP 2 was passable. Watched "Zach and Miri" [her idea] on Valentine's Day, and it was good... Still have "30 Days Of Night"...) But i'm not gonna bug her with "...Hulk". I dunno if she cares about the dumb movies i pick. ;P It's rainy, and she's asleep, i got my chores done, and i'm kinda burned out on gaming tonight, so i'll have a quiet night watching a movie and taking it easy.

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So the last few days... What have i been up to? Sleeping almost too much... A change from before when i couldn't sleep at all. I guess my body is trying to catch up. I've been helping Ashe with one of her animations. Had a horrible dream yesterday about some rival wizards who ate a member of their own group, who was part sea turtle, and left his carcass shackled up in a bathroom, covered in greasy spider webs, where i discovered it while using some remote scrying technique. Watched some movies on and off. An old friend i haven't talked to in years found me on MySpace. Made some money. Played "Uncharted Waters: New Horizons". Filled out some surveys. Find out my views on God, celebrities, the evils of plastic surgery, my favorite video game characters, and such. )

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It's been a bit. I'll try to remember what i've done since i last posted.

Had SO MUCH food for Christmas. In fact, i still have tons of it in the freezer. That's cool, though, cuz i'll have stuff to snack on for a while. Speaking of Christmas, besides the Zone of the Enders i got a couple of weeks ago, my sister also got me .hack//G.U. Vol. 1 Rebirth, which i LOVE. Played it so much the last few days. Pi is my new crush. I guess i'll have to get the other two volumes eventually. She also got me some sea creature-themed bento picks and some little soy containers imported from Japan. So cute.

(Speaking of Japanese imports, she also shared with me some green pea-shaped-and-flavored chips, some of the candies that were featured in "Grave of the Fireflies" [saddest, and tastiest, candy ever], and some nut-flavored Bubblicious [o.O].)

And have i mentioned how much i love my library? Dragon Ball Volume 4 manga, and on DVD: War Of The Worlds (the Tom Cruise one), Superbad, The Last Starfighter (which i actually saw in a theater when it was new. :O Was on tv the other day, but i missed it, and felt like seeing it again), and volume one of the anime Samurai 7. So cool.

Umm, thought i had more to say, but i guess i've filled up the last few days with .hack//G.U. I guess i'll post this now, the go stare at Pi for a while.

Moon Mist.

Nov. 19th, 2007 04:38 pm
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First off: Anyone wanna gift me with a little LiveJournal paid time as an early Christmas present or something, so i can adit the link to my webpage to point to my actual webpage -.-;, and so i can save my old icons from being deleted? I'd be highly appreciative, and thankful, and happy, and all that good stuff. XD

Secondly: Library love! (Haven't done this in a while, as i haven't gotten anything from the library in a while.) I have from the library: Hellsing manga volume 3, DragonBall manga volume 3, and Fruits Basket manga, volume 16. (I typed "volume 3" at first.) On DVD: "Jet Li's Fearless", "TMNT", "I, Robot", and "Minority Report". Lots to watch and read. Hope i can get them done before they're due.

And a survey i filled out last night. )
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My top ten most-listened-to bands, according to (The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Utada Hikaru, Anna Tsuchiya, Action Action, ALI PROJECT, Rasputina, Yoko Kanno, Aural Vampire, and Maximum the Hormone), are now all on my top friends list on myspace. (Top twelve, actually, if you also include mc chris and ELLEGARDEN.) I've had most of them for a long time, but i got ALI PROJECT added tonight. Mission accomplished.

Currently borrowing from the library: DVDs of "Pan's Labyrinth" (creepy and disturbing), "Ghost Rider" (not as bad as expected, but... not that great), and "The Golden Child" (awesome and uderrated. One of my favorites. Makes me want to see "Big Trouble In Little China" again); DragonBall and Hellsing manga, both Volume 2.

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Okay, see, enough of this 60-degree weather followed by ice storms that cut off hundreds of thousands peoples' power for a week, repeat. The nice fluffy whiite snow that is covering everything right now is what makes me happy. That's the Winter i miss so much.

Not much to write about other than the broken-record of "Darla called me a bunch the last few days", "playing Final Fantasy XII (neglecting my blog about it, but i'll get back to that soon)", and "reading lots of manga/watching lots of movies" that seems to be my life, and the contents of my journal most often.

Speaking of... Library love: Right now i have out Naruto volume 7, hardcover. Hardcover manga? Does this exist? Apparenlty so, since i have it. I also have Psychic Academy volume 9, and Fruits Basket... 11 maybe? 12? I have a Psychic Academy DVD, too (Mew = so much <333), and "Dave Chappelle's Block Party". From the library. Own.

I also have apple cherry juice which makes me smile.


Sep. 14th, 2006 06:01 am
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Have any of you ever seen the movie "Zardoz"? Have any of you even heard of it? Sweet Baby Jesus, i just saw this... thing.

It stars Sean Connery (God knows how they got him to do this thing), and some other British people, and God, it's freaking weird. Think Barbarella meets Highlander meets A Clockwork Orange meets eating some bad clams. It came out in 1974, and it's obvious. And the only thing more plentiful than the boobs are one-liners that are effing hilarious when taken out of context... or hell, even when in context. You HAVE to see this.

Ever want to see naked people wrapped in Ziploc bags? See this movie. Ever want to see Sean Connery haul off and just toss a woman about fifteen feet? See this movie. Ever want to see him in a red speedo and pirate boots, running around like a maniac? Click here, or see this movie. Wanna watch some half-naked woman discuss Sean Connery's erection? See this movie. Want to see Connery wander around a room full of mirrors like Bruce Lee? Yes, see this movie.

Oh, and annoying internet shorthand was invented in this movie. Srsly.

God, this movie owns.

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"...One of the Greatest Adventure Movies of All Time..."
-- Steven Spielberg


Chicago, IL -- Before he enthralled audiences all over the world with such magical animated features as Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke and the 2001 Academy-Award™ winning Spirited Away, renowned Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki held audiences spellbound in 1979 with his first feature-length animated film, The Castle of Cagliostro. Now, Manga Entertainment, an IDT Entertainment company, proudly presents The Castle of Cagliostro Special Edition DVD, digitally remastered with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, available August 29th at the enchanting SRP of $24.98. Pre-book is July 19th.

The Castle of Cagliostro (also known as Lupin III: Cagliostro No Shiro) spins the fantastic tale of master thief Lupin III, traveling to the European province of Cagliostro (pronounced “Cal-ee-os-tro”) to pull off a huge job. When a chance encounter with the Princess Clarice, engaged to the evil Count Cagliostro, distracts him from his original plans, he also stumbles upon a secret kept for over 500 years and now struggles to keep one step ahead of Cagliostro. Torn between his professional objectives and his increasing affections for Princess Clarice, Lupin is locked in a race to solve the mystery of a fabulous hidden treasure, dating back to the Renaissance...

Filled with Miyazaki's trademark rich animation and imaginative storytelling, The Castle of Cagliostro Special Edition DVD takes the experience even further with a
treasure chest of bonus features including:

  • Interview with Animation Director Yasuo Ohtsuka.

  • Complete Animatic – Storyboards with Feature Soundtrack;

  • Imagery from Original Storyboard

  • Original Character and Set Drawings;

  • Fans Gallery;

  • Trailers

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"Ghost World" is quite an awesome movie. I'm now officially looking for a girl just like Enid/Thora Birch was in it. So hot and full of hate... <33333


Jul. 5th, 2006 07:46 pm
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Last: Watched Darla rub gunk on her tattoo. Saw fireworks.

To: Saw "Superman Returns". Better than expected, unobtrusive special effects, moments of jarring realism. I need a desktop wallpaper of the beatdown. Great scene. No spoilers from me. Handn't heard a major spoiler, was surprised, heard it the second i got home and turned on the TV. Good timing.

Made it home with a bag of Boston Baked Beans, a bag of gummi frogs, a bag of honey-flavored teddy bear cookies, a box of Jujubes, and a bottle of Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. Mmm, sugar.

Later To: Play more Monster & Me, and work more on this drawing i started by accident this morning. More, more, more. Yes.

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I now have a DVD burner, courtesy of my sister, who got the idea and decided it was worth gifting me one in exchange for my burning her a bunch of anime so she doesn't have to sit at her computer and watch it (or obtain it herself). I had it installed in just a couple of minutes. I've tested it out by doing everything with it but burn an actual watchable DVD. But that's next, after i get some stuff done on this computer. I'll burn the DVD while i sleep, since it will take forever. (Anyone have some spare RAM lying around they'd like to donate?) It also helped me finally clear a lot off this hard drive, which has been living off the same two or three gigs of space that kept filling up every few days. (I could use a bigger harddrive someday soon, too. -.-;)

"GOD DIVA" from the .hack//Roots OST may possibly be one of the best songs ever crafted by human beings. I can't stop listening to it. Heavy beats, opera vocals, guitars, beepy electronic noises, violins, and cute female Japanese vocals, with a massively, insanely catchy chorus... SO good.

And because i've been neglecting my library reports: I've been reading DearS, and decided to get into Ultimate X-Men, since i got one volume and it was decent. I have two volumes of Bleach again, and this time i am determined to read them. As for movies, i have and had Aeon Flux, Steamboy, Ghost in the Shell, and now Unbreakable. I've been wanting to see that one again lately.

Speaking of wanting to see, "Shaolin Soccer" is on tv today. I'll finally get to see it. And i think i might be seeing Superman Monday. I'm curious. I still don't get why Superman is always a skinny dorky guy with bad hair in movies, and i never really liked Superman until he became semi-tolerable in WB cartoons (i was a Spider-Man kid), but i wanna see this, to see if they can make me like him.


Jun. 3rd, 2006 06:44 am
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Let's see, where do i begin? Yesterday (Thursday), i guess. I got mail from my friend Cat. :D She sent me the cutest little plaid Eep ever (she makes them. Go buy one!). She also sent me a.. ahem.. hentai DVD... which i need to watch more of. Um, MOVING ON. Thank you Catsy! You rock it at all hours. :D

Today, i went to the movies. I didn't think i would get to, because i'd been kinda sick the last few days (waking up feeling like i'd been cooked, aches, pains, stomach deciding that it wasn't going to approve of anything i ate, etc.), but i felt fine today. Saw X-Men 3. All right, why's this movie suck again? Because some guy on the internet told you it did? I had a few issues with it, but i liked it a lot better than the second one. ::shrug:: Maybe everyone complaining about it sent me in with no expectations, and i was pleasantly surprised. Whatever. That's why i don't listen to what people say about movies. No one knows what they're talking about anyway. ;P

I, ahem, acquired some Dreamcast games over the last few days. Power Stone (kinda fun, didn't spend much time playing it yet, though), JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (ditto, maybe not quite as fun, though), and the coolest: Half-Life and Gauntlet Legends.

Now, i didn't even know they made Half-Life for the Dreamcast, but i've had the urge to finally play it lately (i never did, though i've always heard it's good), and it's very convenient to have on the Dreamcast. I can even play it with keyboard and mouse, though i've configured the controller to work very well with the game. It's really fun, but i got stuck early on and need to go look up what to do next. :x

Gauntlet Legends completely appeals to the old-school in me, as well as the omg-i-have-to-get-just-a-bit-further-and-get-better-items-and-more-levels in me. Gauntlet was one of the games i loved as a kid, along with Rampage, which i bought the latest version of recently (probably not coincidentally, both released by Midway), and it's fun. So rock, fun games to play.

Anyway, after i napped tonight, i gathered up some food (soda, a sandwich, a salad, pretzels, a chunk of coconut, leftover movie candy, some dry cereal, etc., etc.) and sat around for a bunch of hours nibbling and playing games. Very nice night.

But now i'd like to get some of this clutter out of here. Suddely all the crap sitting around is getting on my nerves and i need to straighten it up, and i want to get some of it done before bed. Or maybe i'll just play some more games. ::shrug::

Have some surveys:

Stolen. )

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I heard the ice cream van today.

I also got my package from Japan. Dragonfly chopsticks, cola-flavored candy, and Black Black gum. J-list also sent a tiny ad/catalog in a pack of tissues (o.O), and a page from "Kera" magazine as packing material (it has pictures of cute girls wearing their underwear on the outside, some cell phone pictures of pets, and some drawings). Bonus.

Speaking of stuff from Japan, this weekend i apparently won an Engrish t-shirt from a podcast that comes out of Japan, assuming they write and ask for my email address as they said they would. Awesome.

I made lemon squares the other day, from a recipe on the bag of sugar. I happened to have all the ingredients. They owned it like nobody's dirty business. Seriously. I'll be making those again.

There are baby bunnies running around outside. They are so insanely cute. And lots of birds are making lots of nests.

I got unstupid last night and configured things to make my torrent client a bazillion times faster. Now a gig doesn't take four days to download, more like four hours. Nice.

"A perfect world needs a perfect assassin"? Wouldn't a perfect world not need an assassin at all?

I've got movies from the library: "Mirrormask", Neil Gaiman + Dave McKean = <3, "1984", the best book-to-movie ever, and "Constantine", which i wanted to see again for no particular reason. It has extra footage.

Speaking of movies, has anyone seen "Silent Hill"? Is it worth paying for?

I need to stay awake long enough to eat supper. I didn't sleep enough today; i was drawing.

And that's it for my i-saved-it-up-long-enough-to-almost-make-one-full-post post. Now here's a survey.

Stolen from Aeri. )


Mar. 29th, 2006 08:15 am
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I think "Howl's Moving Castle" is my favorite Miyazaki movie.


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