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I think i'm going to eat, watch "I Am Legend", then if i'm not sleepy, play more "Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII", which is the latest game i got from the rental place. I didn't think it'd be as fun as it is, or that i'd be good enough at it to actually be able to play, but i'm doing it. I sent God of War II back yesterday (because i won it Saturday). Mail left here around three pm, and the next game, Okami, already shipped today. Amazing.

And i bought a complete set (six volumes) of Akira manga tonight (from someone i mostly know from her cosplay, and LJ), for the same price as one volume originally cost, and that includes what i'm paying for shipping. Nice. I've wanted to read Akira since high school. Now i'll get to.

Here's a survey i stole from Aeri. She should be amused by it, at least. )

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I'm sorry, Aeri, i haven't gone to bed yet. Soon, though.

Been a while, huh? This will be incoherent and nonchronological.

Talking to Aeri quite a bit lately. That makes me happy beyond words. And speaking of, i'm relearning the power words have. -s-

Had/have been having a bit of a panicky time of things. I get paranoid about certain people. Why they're there Now, and may be very distant Later. I wonder if it's personal, if they found something better to do, if it is just the simple explanation of being busy, etc. But it becomes hard for me when that's not communicated *to* me. I feel a bit abandoned. It sounds worse than i acutally feel, but it's a smallish, anxious thing i deal with. I *understand*, but i can't quite relax unless i'm reassured, "no, i haven't fogotten you".

So, filling that void is books and games. I had beaten .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce, but found a billion things to do afterwards (mostly gathering items, gaining prizes, finishing up a few things, maxing out levels, etc.). I still had some of my favortie events happen after the game was "finished" (Pi's measurements! Age! Real name!). I'd been reading a novel (".hack//AI Buster") and finished it one morning, and in the game that evening, the monster that became a focal point of the entire novel appeared in the game. I was so happy that i read the book, and finished it before that, otherwise it wouldn't have been so cool.

But then, the game was pretty much over. And i found myself facing Lots Of Time On My Hands. Sometimes i have things to do, people to talk to... Sometimes those things dry up, people get busy. understandable. But me, with no one to talk to, and nothing UltraExciting to occupy myself with = that anxiousness i mentioned before. So i was kinda dreading the prospect of getting done with that game, and for various reasons, not being able to get the next one for a week or two.

Luckily i got some books from the library. Dragon Ball Volume 5, Tenchi Muyo!: Sasami Stories, so super cute, with a bunch of 4-panel manga at the end, and .hack//Legend Of The Twilight, the manga that follows after the novel, and takes place in the same universe as the games i'm talking about, just earlier in time. I love manga, and i read a lot, but these books are so good i really look forward to reading them, rather than simply having something cool to read if i have nothing else to do.

(Told you this was going to be all over the place.)

SO. Brings me to today. Had errands to run, trip to the bank, trip to the store, blah blah. Get up after like no sleep, run to Wal-Mart. Grab some soda, some candy (OMG STRAWBERRY WHOPPERS?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! YOU ARE HEREBY APPOINTED A NON-SPECIFIC SLOT IN THE LIST OF TOP FOUR BEST CANDIES EVER! KTHX!), a fresh sketchbook which seems to be waiting to be filled with a few ideas i already have, 100 blank dvds (don't have to worry about hard drive space for a while), and HOLY CRAP WTF Wal-Mart has .hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption?! And it costs the same as it would online, with shipping?! :O :O ::Buys.:: No waiting for new debit card to arrive in the mail, no waiting for ordering and shipping. No two-to-three weeks without a game i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to play all the time. I HAD IT IN MY HANDS (well, after waiting half an hour to find someone who could let it out of the case -.-;). Game is mine. Now you gotta see me type out ".hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption" a million times, instead of ".hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce".

Was so excited to find the game, that i forgot to look for/at a few things, but oh well. Went to the bank. Came home. Finished a few things in .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce, FLIPPED OUT, and played .hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption, talked to Aeri, YAY, and OMG DARLA FROM JAPAN I'M SO JEALOUS. SO yeah, Darla's there, and she can get online, so, awesome, and it sounds like she really loves it. So, win. Oh, and then i talked to Aeri some more, and played .hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption some more, and got the really risque/dirtyish/don't-let-your-mom-see desktop picture of Pi that Darla had told me about. I left it on my TV. It's on there right now. Pi is awesome. Also: very large in the chestal region (as you can see in my icon).

And i suppose that gets us up to now, in which i am sleepy, and hungry-but-can't-be-botered-to-eat, and making a post instead of going to sleep.

We have weather. 75 yesterday, 18 tomorrow, straight drop from one to the other over three days. Ice. Snow. Thunder. Win.

And now i'll post this and sleep. I hope.

ALSO: P.S. nine inch nails released a new 36-song instrumental album out of nowhere last night. Go download it. It's what Trent wants.

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It's been a bit. I'll try to remember what i've done since i last posted.

Had SO MUCH food for Christmas. In fact, i still have tons of it in the freezer. That's cool, though, cuz i'll have stuff to snack on for a while. Speaking of Christmas, besides the Zone of the Enders i got a couple of weeks ago, my sister also got me .hack//G.U. Vol. 1 Rebirth, which i LOVE. Played it so much the last few days. Pi is my new crush. I guess i'll have to get the other two volumes eventually. She also got me some sea creature-themed bento picks and some little soy containers imported from Japan. So cute.

(Speaking of Japanese imports, she also shared with me some green pea-shaped-and-flavored chips, some of the candies that were featured in "Grave of the Fireflies" [saddest, and tastiest, candy ever], and some nut-flavored Bubblicious [o.O].)

And have i mentioned how much i love my library? Dragon Ball Volume 4 manga, and on DVD: War Of The Worlds (the Tom Cruise one), Superbad, The Last Starfighter (which i actually saw in a theater when it was new. :O Was on tv the other day, but i missed it, and felt like seeing it again), and volume one of the anime Samurai 7. So cool.

Umm, thought i had more to say, but i guess i've filled up the last few days with .hack//G.U. I guess i'll post this now, the go stare at Pi for a while.

Moon Mist.

Nov. 19th, 2007 04:38 pm
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First off: Anyone wanna gift me with a little LiveJournal paid time as an early Christmas present or something, so i can adit the link to my webpage to point to my actual webpage -.-;, and so i can save my old icons from being deleted? I'd be highly appreciative, and thankful, and happy, and all that good stuff. XD

Secondly: Library love! (Haven't done this in a while, as i haven't gotten anything from the library in a while.) I have from the library: Hellsing manga volume 3, DragonBall manga volume 3, and Fruits Basket manga, volume 16. (I typed "volume 3" at first.) On DVD: "Jet Li's Fearless", "TMNT", "I, Robot", and "Minority Report". Lots to watch and read. Hope i can get them done before they're due.

And a survey i filled out last night. )
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Okay, see, enough of this 60-degree weather followed by ice storms that cut off hundreds of thousands peoples' power for a week, repeat. The nice fluffy whiite snow that is covering everything right now is what makes me happy. That's the Winter i miss so much.

Not much to write about other than the broken-record of "Darla called me a bunch the last few days", "playing Final Fantasy XII (neglecting my blog about it, but i'll get back to that soon)", and "reading lots of manga/watching lots of movies" that seems to be my life, and the contents of my journal most often.

Speaking of... Library love: Right now i have out Naruto volume 7, hardcover. Hardcover manga? Does this exist? Apparenlty so, since i have it. I also have Psychic Academy volume 9, and Fruits Basket... 11 maybe? 12? I have a Psychic Academy DVD, too (Mew = so much <333), and "Dave Chappelle's Block Party". From the library. Own.

I also have apple cherry juice which makes me smile.

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Something i've been thinking about lately:

I've sort of got this thing about real-world physical artifacts that come from works of fiction. I've always been fascinated by being able to hold in my hand, or see something that comes from something or someone who never existed. I make things like this. Paintings, mostly, but i've also built little sculptures and such that come from things i've come up with myself. In fact, i have a whole LiveJournal dedicated to these real/fake things from one "world" of mine.

But lately in my mad Japanese music video-collecting rampage (i just finished another 50-video DVD tonight), i've been re-watching some older videos, and coming across new ones that are really kind of amazing to me, in that they're from bands that don't actually exist.

See, there's this manga series called "Nana", by Ai Yazawa, which has spawned a couple of movies so far, and an anime series. It's about two girls named Nana, one of which is in a punk band called Black Stones, or Blast for short. There is another band featured in the series called Trapnest. Various artists perform the theme songs, and the songs the bands play. These songs have videos created for them that are like any music videos on TV. Yes, they even play them on Mtv in Japan. These videos (and songs) are real-life artifacts; watchable, listenable, real-world things that came from a world that, in truth, only exists on paper and in people's minds. Maybe that doesn't mean much to most people, but i find it really interesting. It gives me a weird feeling to sit and listen to, and enjoy watching a video that in some ways isn't "real", but obvously does exist, especially when the people in the videos are characters i'm familar with. It's a bit freaky to see some fictionaI, recognizable guys standing around playing guitar like anyone else in a video. I wish more things like this were created. It's strange, though. I've already seen about ten of these Nana music videos. That's quit a bit of music to come from a couple of bands that are imaginary.

I've seen a bit of other things like this, but it all comes from children's shows on the Disney channel and such, and like, the Monkees, and Spinal Tap. It's either comedy, or just not cool.

Anyway, here's one of those real videos by a fictional band:

The singer is Mika Nakashima (you get to see how amazingly hot she is, lucky people), playing the fictional Nana Oosaki, from the fictional band Black Stones, singing the real-song-by-a-fake-band "Hitoiro".

And while i'm sharing videos, here's a really cool one with great animation: )

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I'm sick. Whee. Feverish, chills, seriously achey, short of breath, can't lie down for a second without falling asleep (like last night, got in bed at like 1am, and just woke up a few minutes ago; i didn't intend to sleep at all, at least not then)... Don't feel like doing anything at all, including eating. I'd like to watch some anime or read some manga, since i can't do much else, but i think i'd fall asleep. Maybe i'll just go back to bed soon. Tylenol is my friend.

Speaking of anime and manga: i started watching the Psychic Academy anime, since i'm reading the manga. The anime has even more fanservice than the manga. Mew is my favorite. <3

"Heroes" was really good, and if it ends up being like it looks it will (awkward sentence), it should be excellent. Hiro is great. All the scenes with him were hilarious. And i never thought i'd hear the words "manga", "baka", "hentai", and people yelling "Yatta!" on prime time network television.


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