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Busy with fun things again: Got "Howl's Moving Castle" from the library, and the Haruki Murakami book i didn't finish last time before it was due. Still have some of the Speed Racer DVD left to watch, too. My favorite episodes are next: "The Race Against The Mammoth Car".

I found "Monopoly Star Wars Edition" for the PC a while back. I bought it many years ago, and at that time, the PC i had ran it really slow. I don't know that i was actually able to finish a game. But i installed it last night, and it will play on this PC, so that's something to waste time with. I also reinstalled Majesty Gold Edition. I love Majesty for some reason, when i usually can't deal with rts-type games. Maybe it's because there's not as much insane micromanagement in Majesty as there is in some rts games.

G4tv is doing this thing starting next month called Star Trek 2.0, where they show episodes of classic Star Trek and have a frame around the edge of the screen with trivia facts, tallies of things like how many times Spock says "illogical" or a Red Shirt gets killed, and live chat. Seems like a kind of fun concept, and it'll probably get me to watch the series again. Well, since i'm an Op in G4's regular chat room, i got invited to the new Star Trek chat room and i'm an Op in there now, too. I have no idea how the live chat thing is gonna work yet (i can't imagine a live chat being broadcast on tv without some heavy moderation going on), or how involved the Ops will be in it, but it should be fun, as long there's no frantic comment-collecting involved. Ehh, it might still be fun anyway. In any case, it's kind of cool to be involved in a small way in a classic Star Trek revival kind of thing. Wait, did i just say "cool" and "Star Trek" in the same sentence? I must be a geek.

Anime, video games, Speed Racer, Star Wars AND Star Trek in the same post... This calls for the Geek Out tag.

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I won Wild Arms 3 from the Bobby Blackwolf Show. It's an oldish RPG for PS2, which seems to have gotten good reviews, and it sounds like it's really long, so it'll be nice to play.

Got a couple of books from the library: "Learning to Bow: Inside the Heart of Japan", by Bruce Feiler, about an American teacher in Japan (a la Outpost Nine's Azrael); and "Parallel Worlds" by Dr. Michio Kaku, about, well, parallel worlds. Japanese culture and physics: two of my favorite subjects.....

And i've been playing Final Fantasy IV: Advance. I've always loved that game.

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Excuse me a second while i have an attack. )

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Library love:

Naruto Volume 6, some Cowboy Bebop manga, a couple of books about sequential art and comic books, the "Lawnmower Man" DVD (Ha, remember that movie? Virtual Reality is so 1993.)... and i'll probably borrow the Tokyo Mew Mew manga my sister got. Shhh. It's free.

Mew Mew style, Mew Mew grace, Mew Mew Power rocks your face.

(My sister also found a "Slayers" anime video for a dollar at some store. I should borrow that, too.)

And i got a new t-shirt..... )

Geek out.


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