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This is an animation of Charles Vess's art, turning Pencils into Paintings, with Neil Gaiman reciting the poem over it, to promote "INSTRUCTIONS".

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This is Neil Gaiman discussing "The Graveyard Book" and early influences on The Colbert Report on March 16, 2009 (about 25 minutes ago).

You're welcome.

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So i was googling about a game earlier, and you know how things go. One link to another link to another link, and i came across one of the most mind-boggling wtf series of comics and novels i've ever heard of. So i bought them.

From a wiki: "The 1998 Star Trek novel Planet X (ISBN 0671019163) by Michael Jan Friedman is a crossover between the X-Men comic book series and the characters of Star Trek: The Next Generation. It was a sequel to an earlier crossover, detailed in the Marvel Comics one-shot Second Contact (which was itself similar to an earlier Star Trek/X-Men crossover comic, where a slightly different team of X-Men encountered the characters of the original Star Trek series). The novel is noteworthy for hinting at an attraction between Jean-Luc Picard and Ororo Munroe (Storm), and made a forward-looking reference to the (then uncast) X-Men feature film by remarking on the uncanny resemblance between Picard and Xavier, as the two converse via the holodeck after a reasonable facsimile of Xavier is programmed into it."

I have no idea how or why this even exists, but i have to read it. It's crazy but... i just have to find out if it's a total trainwreck. Or how... this even works. Maybe it will be good... or at least okay. Wow. Can't wait for them to arrive.

Also: Bought this because those books reminded of it. I read the first two in when i lived in North Carolina and never saw when this one came out, and i want to complete the series.

Woot, books.

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I'm sorry, Aeri, i haven't gone to bed yet. Soon, though.

Been a while, huh? This will be incoherent and nonchronological.

Talking to Aeri quite a bit lately. That makes me happy beyond words. And speaking of, i'm relearning the power words have. -s-

Had/have been having a bit of a panicky time of things. I get paranoid about certain people. Why they're there Now, and may be very distant Later. I wonder if it's personal, if they found something better to do, if it is just the simple explanation of being busy, etc. But it becomes hard for me when that's not communicated *to* me. I feel a bit abandoned. It sounds worse than i acutally feel, but it's a smallish, anxious thing i deal with. I *understand*, but i can't quite relax unless i'm reassured, "no, i haven't fogotten you".

So, filling that void is books and games. I had beaten .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce, but found a billion things to do afterwards (mostly gathering items, gaining prizes, finishing up a few things, maxing out levels, etc.). I still had some of my favortie events happen after the game was "finished" (Pi's measurements! Age! Real name!). I'd been reading a novel (".hack//AI Buster") and finished it one morning, and in the game that evening, the monster that became a focal point of the entire novel appeared in the game. I was so happy that i read the book, and finished it before that, otherwise it wouldn't have been so cool.

But then, the game was pretty much over. And i found myself facing Lots Of Time On My Hands. Sometimes i have things to do, people to talk to... Sometimes those things dry up, people get busy. understandable. But me, with no one to talk to, and nothing UltraExciting to occupy myself with = that anxiousness i mentioned before. So i was kinda dreading the prospect of getting done with that game, and for various reasons, not being able to get the next one for a week or two.

Luckily i got some books from the library. Dragon Ball Volume 5, Tenchi Muyo!: Sasami Stories, so super cute, with a bunch of 4-panel manga at the end, and .hack//Legend Of The Twilight, the manga that follows after the novel, and takes place in the same universe as the games i'm talking about, just earlier in time. I love manga, and i read a lot, but these books are so good i really look forward to reading them, rather than simply having something cool to read if i have nothing else to do.

(Told you this was going to be all over the place.)

SO. Brings me to today. Had errands to run, trip to the bank, trip to the store, blah blah. Get up after like no sleep, run to Wal-Mart. Grab some soda, some candy (OMG STRAWBERRY WHOPPERS?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! YOU ARE HEREBY APPOINTED A NON-SPECIFIC SLOT IN THE LIST OF TOP FOUR BEST CANDIES EVER! KTHX!), a fresh sketchbook which seems to be waiting to be filled with a few ideas i already have, 100 blank dvds (don't have to worry about hard drive space for a while), and HOLY CRAP WTF Wal-Mart has .hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption?! And it costs the same as it would online, with shipping?! :O :O ::Buys.:: No waiting for new debit card to arrive in the mail, no waiting for ordering and shipping. No two-to-three weeks without a game i REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY want to play all the time. I HAD IT IN MY HANDS (well, after waiting half an hour to find someone who could let it out of the case -.-;). Game is mine. Now you gotta see me type out ".hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption" a million times, instead of ".hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce".

Was so excited to find the game, that i forgot to look for/at a few things, but oh well. Went to the bank. Came home. Finished a few things in .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: Reminisce, FLIPPED OUT, and played .hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption, talked to Aeri, YAY, and OMG DARLA FROM JAPAN I'M SO JEALOUS. SO yeah, Darla's there, and she can get online, so, awesome, and it sounds like she really loves it. So, win. Oh, and then i talked to Aeri some more, and played .hack//G.U Vol. 3: Redemption some more, and got the really risque/dirtyish/don't-let-your-mom-see desktop picture of Pi that Darla had told me about. I left it on my TV. It's on there right now. Pi is awesome. Also: very large in the chestal region (as you can see in my icon).

And i suppose that gets us up to now, in which i am sleepy, and hungry-but-can't-be-botered-to-eat, and making a post instead of going to sleep.

We have weather. 75 yesterday, 18 tomorrow, straight drop from one to the other over three days. Ice. Snow. Thunder. Win.

And now i'll post this and sleep. I hope.

ALSO: P.S. nine inch nails released a new 36-song instrumental album out of nowhere last night. Go download it. It's what Trent wants.

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My top ten most-listened-to bands, according to (The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Utada Hikaru, Anna Tsuchiya, Action Action, ALI PROJECT, Rasputina, Yoko Kanno, Aural Vampire, and Maximum the Hormone), are now all on my top friends list on myspace. (Top twelve, actually, if you also include mc chris and ELLEGARDEN.) I've had most of them for a long time, but i got ALI PROJECT added tonight. Mission accomplished.

Currently borrowing from the library: DVDs of "Pan's Labyrinth" (creepy and disturbing), "Ghost Rider" (not as bad as expected, but... not that great), and "The Golden Child" (awesome and uderrated. One of my favorites. Makes me want to see "Big Trouble In Little China" again); DragonBall and Hellsing manga, both Volume 2.

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I played Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction instead of showering tonight. So what? I can shower when i wake up.

Quick library stuff-i-have list: Hellsing manga volume 1, Dragon Ball manga volume 1, "The Hidden Blade" Japanese Samurai movie on dvd, "Children of Men" dvd, and a Kim Harrison book ("Dead Witch Walking"). I also still have Fruits Basket 12 and 13, and Hikaru no Go volume 1, but i read those....

And a survey stolen from DoomPlague.... )

Back to fondlingleveling my assassin...

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Okay, see, enough of this 60-degree weather followed by ice storms that cut off hundreds of thousands peoples' power for a week, repeat. The nice fluffy whiite snow that is covering everything right now is what makes me happy. That's the Winter i miss so much.

Not much to write about other than the broken-record of "Darla called me a bunch the last few days", "playing Final Fantasy XII (neglecting my blog about it, but i'll get back to that soon)", and "reading lots of manga/watching lots of movies" that seems to be my life, and the contents of my journal most often.

Speaking of... Library love: Right now i have out Naruto volume 7, hardcover. Hardcover manga? Does this exist? Apparenlty so, since i have it. I also have Psychic Academy volume 9, and Fruits Basket... 11 maybe? 12? I have a Psychic Academy DVD, too (Mew = so much <333), and "Dave Chappelle's Block Party". From the library. Own.

I also have apple cherry juice which makes me smile.

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It's been a while. Didn't really plan on posting tonight, either, but... ::shrug::.

Heroes officially became one of my favorite shows Monday. It's so good.

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's latest, and quickly. I'll lie down to read, and before i know it, i'm though a huge chunk of it. It's called "Fragile Things". Read it.

I've been collecting a bunch more anime series. Not that i watch what i already have, but i want to get to it someday.

I've been sleeping a bit too much, but the cool weather makes it too easy. And it's been raining all night tonight, which makes me immensely happy. Well, as immensely happy as i can get considering...

...I've been kinda down lately. I can't quite put my finger on it. I suppose i'm a bit lonely, or i'm just getting a bit wintry. Whatever it is, i haven't felt like doing much but reading, listening to music, or watching a little tv or anime, and sleeping. At least i'm still studying my Japanese, too.

I'd thought i had more to say after almost two weeks of not posting, but maybe that's why i don't post so much anymore. Surveys don't really count, and i've grown bored of them, anyway. Which brings me to this:

[Poll #853551]

I'm not making this poll because i'm getting all emo or anything. I'm just curious. Please take a second to fill it out. No one will see your answer but me.

Time to get back to drawing. And singing too loudly.

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Your request for Fragile things : short fictions and wonders / Neil Gaiman. was successful. S.F. F GAI AVAILABLE BK, HARDCOVER

Woot, first person to get it in my entire library system. WIN.

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Author: Smith, Jeff, 1960-
Title: Bone / by Jeff Smith.
Publication info.: Columbus, OH : Cartoon Books, c2004.

Edition: 1 volume ed.
Description: 1332 p. : chiefly ill. ; 23 cm.
Note: "The complete cartoon epic in one volume" -- cover.

Yes, 1332 pages, the complete series in one book, and i just reserved it from the library. :D

And i just started reading "Dance Dance Dance" by Haruki Murakami. Makes me happy.

Time to MUD.


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