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Absolutely effing hilarious. Even funnier considering i just watch "Akira" again the other day.

This is kind of cool, though.


Apr. 8th, 2010 11:51 am
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When i hear this...

...i always think of this.


Mar. 30th, 2010 05:53 pm
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Effing. AMAZING.


Feb. 4th, 2010 04:49 pm
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This is one of my favorite things ever.

Turn it up. Loud.


Jul. 27th, 2009 11:30 pm
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Sitting down and watching tonight, i think i finally realized why i can't get very deep into Gundam 00. I started counting. I couldn't get past seven sentences without hearing a ridiculous pseudo-Western name or fictional techno-jargon. Averaged, though, it seemed about every 3-4 sentences contained one or the other. Death Note was bad about the fake Western names, but they didn't SAY them so much. But it's so prevalent and laughable in Gundam 00, it just... distracts me from the story. And i'm not even counting


Anew Returner

As i type this, a character named Anew Returner was introduced. A fine example of what i'm talking about.


But as i was saying, i'm not even counting broader concepts such as "Celestial Being" and "Gundam Meisters", or the fake country/geographic location/political body names. Those words are too integral to everything to be complaining about (though after hearing them eighty times, they sound really strange). I do count "A-Law", becaue every time they say it, it totally drags me out of my state of concentration.

Some names in Gundam 00:

Aeolia Schenberg
Setsuna F Seiei
Lockon Stratos (aka Neil Dylandy)
Lyle Dylandy
Allelujah Haptism (this one annoys the CRAP out of me)
Tieria Erde
Saji Crossroad
Soma Peries
Marie Parfacy
Louise Halevy
Sumeragi Lee Noriega
Feldt Grace
Lichtendahl Tsery
Lasse Aeon
Kati Mannequin
Ali Al-Saachez (also very annoying)
Alejandro Corner
Aber Rindt

(These next few probably have weird names on purpose, but...)
Ribbons Almark
Regene Regetta
Revive Revival
Hiling Care
Bring Stabity
Devine Nova

(I've omitted many that are generally actual names, or of questionable origin, though 90% of those tend to have a name from one area of the world coupled with one from another, for example a Japanese surname with a Western first name, some of which can be seen above.)

Just... Ugh. Do the writers just make up names thinking they sound Western, and possibly "exotic"? They're obviously sometimes using English words as names, or bastardizing existing ones, maybe thinking they sound cool, and assuming most Japanese viewers won't know what they mean. A lot of anime and video games do this, but in Gundam 00, it actually detracts from the series, because, as i said, in the time i counted, i couldn't get past seven sentences without hearing one of these names (and that was once, most times it was five sentences or less), and keep in mind, they tend to say a character's full name, not just a first or last name. "Ali Al-Saachez killed your brother, Lockon Stratos, a Gundam Meister and member of Celestial Being, who piloted the Gundam Dynames, which is powered by a GN Drive." Yeah. I mean, i don't mind technobabble at all, but add the overuse of it, with the long, screwy names, every five sentences, and... no. It's annoying.


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That never gets old.

<3 Fujiko.
(From the Lupin III vs. Detective Conan special airing in Japan as we speak. That i am watching. On the internet. Sometimes i love technology.)

EDIT: Lupin and Conan together.



Mar. 9th, 2009 05:15 pm
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Trailer for a live action "Blood: The Last Vampire" movie based on the anime movie of the same name. Looks quite awesome. I very much want to see this.

Link stolen from Danny Choo.

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Had a great weekend. The girlfriend's birthday was this weekend, and she had four days off, so i spent most of it with her. She liked her presents. I was worried she wouldn't. Played some WoW. Watched some anime. (Moribito is great.) Got the gf to watch some Metalocalypse. She giggled.

Yesterday Cartoon Network had a Pokémon marathon all day, and they showed the last 20 episodes, 10 of which my DVR has recorded for me, and i've been too lazy to watch, so i was able to catch up on it. (Runon sentence FTW.) That was pretty awesome. Also this weekend, i finally actually started playing Pokémon Diamond. About time.

Went to bed at like 8 last night. Got up about 6:30am, took a shower and made breakfast. Wtf, it's like i'm a normal person or something.

And: I have limes, and consequently, limeade. Mmmmm.


Oct. 9th, 2007 04:25 am
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It's been a while since i've made much of an entry. Um. Seems it's been sort of wake up, do stuff, watch stuff, play stuff, talk to people, sleep, not always in that order, straight for a month. ...Make that almost a month and a half.

Let's see, recent stuff... err... Fall TV season began. Heores, Ani-Monday, House, Kid Nation, Survivor, Smallville, Earl, Office, SNL... Been checking out Big Bang Theory, Reaper, and that caveman show too, to see if i'm gonna keep watching them... So much freaking TV.

Been perfecting my doctored ramen recipe, screwing around with the emulation scene on DreamCast, got a reply from someone in my LJ who i once listed as a "celebrity crush" on a survey <.<, hung out with Ash(e) finally Saturday for a little while (she's awesome, really), finally saw the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, remastered some old game music remixes i did (Tamagotchi and Tetris), and finally started playing Pokemon Diamond.

Beginning to watch like 82736278 anime series: BECK, Code Geass, Ikkitousen, Ghost Hunt (on Ash(e)'s recommendation), Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (which just began), Paradise Kiss, and need to track down something Saori Yamamoto recommended... Made a list of all the anime series i've watched all the way through. Came to 60, i believe. Around 35 is the list of things i've started and intend to finish. Assuming i remembered everything.

Also started reading "Brave New World" finally.

Whew. Yeah, probably not exciting to anyone else but me, but as long as it is to me, i guesss that's what matters.

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I just finished watching the rest of Chobits.

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So, this week, i finished watching the anime series "Nana", and ".hack//Roots". Nana just ended its run, but .hack//Roots is a story...

I started watching .hack//Roots a long time ago (Japanese, subtitled in English) at the suggestion of a friend. For whatever reason, i slacked watching it for a bit, caught up with it for a bit, and slacked again. By time it was ending its run, i was kind of getting sick of watching anime on my PC (which i can hardly do anymore. The PC is where i hover over the keyboard and and *do* things. It's uncomfortable for me to just sit back at my desk with my little monitor, and simply watch something. I'd much rather do that on the couch, or the bed, in front of a bigger tv. Plus, on dvd i can watch it with other people, if i want.) So around the time i got a dvd burner, and could put the remaining five episodes i'd never watched on disc, to put in a dvd player, the show came on tv, in English. (I can't remember anymore which came first, getting the dvd burner or .hack//Roots coming on tv...) The episodes i had weren't in a format i could burn to dvd, so this was the perfect opportunity. I could watch it again, refresh myself on the story, see it where it's more comfortable for me (tv/bed/couch), and in English, so the second time around i could enjoy the visuals more, without having to read the dialogue. It was easily available, on every week, convenient. Cool. Great.

Only Cartoon Network, the station airing .hack//Roots, stopped airing it *AT THE EXACT EPISODE I HAD STOPPED WATCHING*. For some reason the series went into reruns at that point, and the second time it aired, they didn't even get THAT far before they took it off the air. (No idea why they would air a series and show repeats instead of the last five episodes. A deal with the dvd distributors? Don't show the ending of a series so people will go out and buy it? Hope that doesn't become a trend.)

So after putting off watching almost the entire series, putting off the ending, watching it all again, and getting screwed out of the ending, i'd resigned myself to watching the last episodes of .hack//Roots on the PC. Which i never did.

Just so happens the other day, as i was looking for another series i'd read about and wanted to watch, i found .hack//Roots in avi format, which CAN be burned to dvd. Nice! So i got them, and i burned them, and i just finished watching them (finally).

Two series on a huge list of to-watch series finished this week... Awesome. And another will probably be finished soon.*

You know, it's a little sad to see the end of some of the first series i actually chose myself to watch all the way through, that weren't just shows that happened to be on tv that i ended up liking. Actually, thinking about it, Nana and .hack//Roots, were the first anime series i actually did actively acquire and watch on my own, instead of seeing somewhere else first, except "Chobits". No wonder i miss them now that they're over.

*And i've only got four episodes of Chobits to go, now. I began watching it a long time ago, but stopped in the middle for whatever reason, so i got determined to finally finish it now.

Oh, and "Paprika", an anime movie about dreams, is incredible, See it if you can.

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Here is a very cute song, "Koi no Mikuru Densetsu", performed by a very cute girl, Asahina Mikuru, in the awesome anime series "The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya".


And here is a not so cute, very metal cover of "Koi no Mikuru Densetsu" performed by not quite as cute band X-Japan. So effing rock. Coolest thing ever.



May. 18th, 2007 04:51 am
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From various sources:

On June 11, the Sci Fi Channel will premiere Ani-Monday, a weekly two-hour block of anime programming. Episodes, films, and other content for the block will air from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

The Ani-Monday block will premiere with "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society" on June 11 at 11:00 p.m. ET. As the latest installment of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, this movie moves the story ahead two years after the second series.

Other titles on the horizon include the feature films Ninja Scroll, Blood: The Last Vampire, Read or Die and Blackjack. The anime block will also be home to premieres of new genre series such as Tokko, Noein and classic series such as Street Fighter II V.


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Okay, see, enough of this 60-degree weather followed by ice storms that cut off hundreds of thousands peoples' power for a week, repeat. The nice fluffy whiite snow that is covering everything right now is what makes me happy. That's the Winter i miss so much.

Not much to write about other than the broken-record of "Darla called me a bunch the last few days", "playing Final Fantasy XII (neglecting my blog about it, but i'll get back to that soon)", and "reading lots of manga/watching lots of movies" that seems to be my life, and the contents of my journal most often.

Speaking of... Library love: Right now i have out Naruto volume 7, hardcover. Hardcover manga? Does this exist? Apparenlty so, since i have it. I also have Psychic Academy volume 9, and Fruits Basket... 11 maybe? 12? I have a Psychic Academy DVD, too (Mew = so much <333), and "Dave Chappelle's Block Party". From the library. Own.

I also have apple cherry juice which makes me smile.

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Something i've been thinking about lately:

I've sort of got this thing about real-world physical artifacts that come from works of fiction. I've always been fascinated by being able to hold in my hand, or see something that comes from something or someone who never existed. I make things like this. Paintings, mostly, but i've also built little sculptures and such that come from things i've come up with myself. In fact, i have a whole LiveJournal dedicated to these real/fake things from one "world" of mine.

But lately in my mad Japanese music video-collecting rampage (i just finished another 50-video DVD tonight), i've been re-watching some older videos, and coming across new ones that are really kind of amazing to me, in that they're from bands that don't actually exist.

See, there's this manga series called "Nana", by Ai Yazawa, which has spawned a couple of movies so far, and an anime series. It's about two girls named Nana, one of which is in a punk band called Black Stones, or Blast for short. There is another band featured in the series called Trapnest. Various artists perform the theme songs, and the songs the bands play. These songs have videos created for them that are like any music videos on TV. Yes, they even play them on Mtv in Japan. These videos (and songs) are real-life artifacts; watchable, listenable, real-world things that came from a world that, in truth, only exists on paper and in people's minds. Maybe that doesn't mean much to most people, but i find it really interesting. It gives me a weird feeling to sit and listen to, and enjoy watching a video that in some ways isn't "real", but obvously does exist, especially when the people in the videos are characters i'm familar with. It's a bit freaky to see some fictionaI, recognizable guys standing around playing guitar like anyone else in a video. I wish more things like this were created. It's strange, though. I've already seen about ten of these Nana music videos. That's quit a bit of music to come from a couple of bands that are imaginary.

I've seen a bit of other things like this, but it all comes from children's shows on the Disney channel and such, and like, the Monkees, and Spinal Tap. It's either comedy, or just not cool.

Anyway, here's one of those real videos by a fictional band:

The singer is Mika Nakashima (you get to see how amazingly hot she is, lucky people), playing the fictional Nana Oosaki, from the fictional band Black Stones, singing the real-song-by-a-fake-band "Hitoiro".

And while i'm sharing videos, here's a really cool one with great animation: )

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Attention paid members: Just a heads up in case you didn't see the announcement. Go here ( to claim a free week of paid time to reimburse you for the power outage LJ had last week.

And on the subject of paid time, i guess it's time for my annual begging-for-paid-time begging. My paid time will expire soonish (right at Christmas). If any kind soul out there would like to gift me with any amount of paid time as a Non-denominational Celebratory Time-period present, i'd be extremely grateful, appreciative, and love you always and forever. Many thanks.

Not much going on tonight, other than Darla calling, watching Heroes, a bunch of episodes of Death Note and a couple of Nana, making an icon (i'll use it later), burning a DVD or two of anime, and watching Voltron, which began airing on Cartoon Network tonight. Voltron still owns it.

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.hack//Roots began airing on Cartoon Network last night (4AM! WTF?). It's the first time i've seen an anime i watched originally in Japanese in English, and it was kind of weird. I'm not a purist, and i don't bitch and moan about dubs, but i can see how people get annoyed by the voices being too different. It was a little strange, but it didn't bug me, and it's cool that it's on American TV now. It was also really awesome to hear the music on TV. I love the soundtrack.

I'm going to burn another Mai-HiME DVD tonight. I started watching it, and liked it, and decided to go through the effort of putting it on DVD so i don't have to sit at the computer to watch it. I can probably get it burned before i'm done watching TV tonight. There are hours and hours of TV on Saturday nights. I'm going to MUD a little before i make the DVD and watch TV though.

I have two cases of hot apple cider mix. Nice. :D I drink a ton of that stuff.

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Hmm, i'm.. tired tonight. Didn't get to sleep until late, despite getting none of the things i planned to last night (drawing, mostly) done. Less TV than planned (Earl and Office were reruns) means maybe i can get to sleep at a decent hour tonight. Then i can catch up on what i need to tomorrow. Sounds like a plan.

Darla called a couple of times tonight, which was nice. I acquired and listened to a bunch of The Candy Spooky Theater, a Japanese spooky-themed kind of rock band (imagine Tim Burton and Halloween had a rag doll of a baby in an old abandoned carnival in the middle of Tokyo, and it grew up and became a band. That's kinda half as bizarre as they are). None of my library books or cds i got from the library (traditional Chinese and Japanese music. Haven't listened to all of them, yet) are due tomorrow, so i don't have to worry about that. And i got to play with two of the cutest rats ever, earlier. So today has been kinda pleasant, even if i'm too tired to realize what i'm typing about, or why i'm posting this. But i'm trying to post a little more, even if it's entirely unintersting, maybe even to myself. ;P

Oh, and just because i've meant to do this for myself, a list of anime i have, but need to watch still, just for my own personal use, because i keep forgetting what i have. )

Okay, time to watch Smallville.....

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It's been a while. Didn't really plan on posting tonight, either, but... ::shrug::.

Heroes officially became one of my favorite shows Monday. It's so good.

I've been reading Neil Gaiman's latest, and quickly. I'll lie down to read, and before i know it, i'm though a huge chunk of it. It's called "Fragile Things". Read it.

I've been collecting a bunch more anime series. Not that i watch what i already have, but i want to get to it someday.

I've been sleeping a bit too much, but the cool weather makes it too easy. And it's been raining all night tonight, which makes me immensely happy. Well, as immensely happy as i can get considering...

...I've been kinda down lately. I can't quite put my finger on it. I suppose i'm a bit lonely, or i'm just getting a bit wintry. Whatever it is, i haven't felt like doing much but reading, listening to music, or watching a little tv or anime, and sleeping. At least i'm still studying my Japanese, too.

I'd thought i had more to say after almost two weeks of not posting, but maybe that's why i don't post so much anymore. Surveys don't really count, and i've grown bored of them, anyway. Which brings me to this:

[Poll #853551]

I'm not making this poll because i'm getting all emo or anything. I'm just curious. Please take a second to fill it out. No one will see your answer but me.

Time to get back to drawing. And singing too loudly.

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Random latelies:

Talked to Darla on the phone for a while tonight. Still liking "Heroes", especially Hiro's storyline. Got some supplies for something i plan to make and sell, hopefully making me rich rich. Playing tons of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team. I am a Pikachu, and my partner is a Mudkip. Also playing a Japanese Dreamcast Mobile Suit Gundam game which is fun. Rampaging around in a giant oldschool Gundam and blowing stuff up = <3. Quickly filling up my new harddrive with constant torrents. Slept funny today, going to bed in the middle of the night, waking up at around six am very hungry for peanut butter an jelly sandwiches for some reason, hunting for an hour for jelly, thinking i'd found some, but it had expired, giving up, watching tv shows i didn't get to last week, searching for jelly again, finding it, and eating the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ever, going back to sleep at like ten, and sleeping til four. Phew.

My social experiment seems to be proving what i thought it would: This video of Japanese Idol Miri Hanai Cooking Seafood Pasta i posted on YouTube is proving that Cute Japanese Girl + Giant Boobs + Bikini Top + Seafood Pasta...

...= Lots Of Hits. Almost a thousand views in five days. People just love seafood pasta.

And my other theory is proven: You IRC guys are cheapskates and bastards.

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
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agreencat gives you 16 light blue strawberry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
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mahanaxar tricks you! You lose 4 pieces of candy!
nyghteshadow gives you 3 softly glowing watermelon-flavoured wafers.
packratshow gives you 8 softly glowing grape-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
purplegasm gives you 18 mauve cherry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
stellamarisa gives you 2 yellow apple-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
FifthDream ends up with 32 pieces of candy.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

I have such a crush on "The Major" Motoko Kusanagi, even though she's probably a trap in a former life...


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