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Something i've been thinking about lately:

I've sort of got this thing about real-world physical artifacts that come from works of fiction. I've always been fascinated by being able to hold in my hand, or see something that comes from something or someone who never existed. I make things like this. Paintings, mostly, but i've also built little sculptures and such that come from things i've come up with myself. In fact, i have a whole LiveJournal dedicated to these real/fake things from one "world" of mine.

But lately in my mad Japanese music video-collecting rampage (i just finished another 50-video DVD tonight), i've been re-watching some older videos, and coming across new ones that are really kind of amazing to me, in that they're from bands that don't actually exist.

See, there's this manga series called "Nana", by Ai Yazawa, which has spawned a couple of movies so far, and an anime series. It's about two girls named Nana, one of which is in a punk band called Black Stones, or Blast for short. There is another band featured in the series called Trapnest. Various artists perform the theme songs, and the songs the bands play. These songs have videos created for them that are like any music videos on TV. Yes, they even play them on Mtv in Japan. These videos (and songs) are real-life artifacts; watchable, listenable, real-world things that came from a world that, in truth, only exists on paper and in people's minds. Maybe that doesn't mean much to most people, but i find it really interesting. It gives me a weird feeling to sit and listen to, and enjoy watching a video that in some ways isn't "real", but obvously does exist, especially when the people in the videos are characters i'm familar with. It's a bit freaky to see some fictionaI, recognizable guys standing around playing guitar like anyone else in a video. I wish more things like this were created. It's strange, though. I've already seen about ten of these Nana music videos. That's quit a bit of music to come from a couple of bands that are imaginary.

I've seen a bit of other things like this, but it all comes from children's shows on the Disney channel and such, and like, the Monkees, and Spinal Tap. It's either comedy, or just not cool.

Anyway, here's one of those real videos by a fictional band:

The singer is Mika Nakashima (you get to see how amazingly hot she is, lucky people), playing the fictional Nana Oosaki, from the fictional band Black Stones, singing the real-song-by-a-fake-band "Hitoiro".

And while i'm sharing videos, here's a really cool one with great animation: )


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